Hosted Advanced Authentication Eliminates Hardware Other’s Don’t!

Simple, Flexible, Inexpensive, and Nothing to Maintain!

As we all know the CJIS Security Policy requires that any access to law enforcement data from outside the department’s network requires advanced authentication.  And unless your patrol car terminals were purchased prior to 2005, they also need advanced authentication NOW (the 2014 extension is only for the grandfathering clause).

CJIS Solutions, the premier provider of CJIS compliant cloud solutions for law enforcement, now offers cost effective solutions to meet the requirements.

Our Hosted Advanced Authentication Solution allows you to pay as little as $36 per year per user!  Soft tokens are a 1 time purchase and they never expire!  We also include unlimited agents so you can apply advanced authentication to as little or as many devices as you want.

For example, you can only apply the solution to your laptops and not the headquarters computers.  You can apply to everything you own, the price never changes because the agents are free!

Another Server to run their software, Server Licensing, User Licensing, Support Fees, Costs to replace expired keys, and so on.

With CJIS Solutions, you buy the keys once, they last forever!  Then a small fee per user per year which includes your support and free agents. That’s it!  No tricks or hidden agenda.  I know it’s hard to believe, but true!

So contact us today, and get your agency compliant in a less than a day.