Email is the most basic and regular thing most people do in a day. It shouldn’t be complicated and it shouldn’t be something that you have to worry about managing. CJIS compliant hosted Email from CJIS Solutions JUST WORKS!

CJIS Solutions offers a fully featured and CJIS compliant Email solution that is essential for every law enforcement agency. Powered by Microsoft Exchange Server, your agency will enjoy a fully featured, enterprise solution that delivers EMail, Calendar and Contact integration across your Outlook, Web Access, and Mobile Devices no matter where you are. Enhanced features and EMail Message Encryption hosted from our CJIS compliant cloud make this one of the most important products any agency should have.

CJIS Solutions provides a CJIS compliant EMail environment from end to end. There are no 3rd party integration or vendors which removes any worry about stability in corporate relationships.

Aggressive Anti-Spam Protection Constantly Working to Protect You and Your Members!

Reduce the risk of exposing your computers and network to viruses and hacks by protecting the most common vulnerability, your Email.  With a near 100% Protection Rate, there’s no place safer than right here!

Automatic blocking of Zip files protects you from virus packages downloaded by members of your department who may not be aware of the dangers they cause.  Real-Time virus and spam definition updates makes sure that your Emails are checked for the latest, most current threats out there.

No Extra Fee!  Service like this is expensive trying to do it in-house and we include it FREE with your service.

Email Statistics
Emails Scanned
Clean Emails Received Daily
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    Reliability You Expect and Deserve
    As with all products from CJIS Solutions, our Email environment has redundancy at every level to ensure that we’re up even if you’re not. Top in class system administrators proactively monitor, maintain, and manage the environment to stay free and clear of any issues.

    Nothing to Own or Manage – Saving Money
    Email solutions are extremely expensive. Server hardware, storage, server operating system, Email server licensing, mailbox licenses, anti-virus, anti-spam, data backups and then throw in the regular maintenance of it and you’ve paid for just one server. For a fraction of the cost CJIS Solutions will support your organization across numerous servers to ensure you’re receiving the service you deserve.
  • Features

    Features Above and Beyond Any Other Provider
    CJIS Solutions doesn’t only provide Email, we deliver an entire Email ecosystem. Where other providers fall short, CJIS Solutions leads the way by maintaining a low cost and providing exceptional service and added features you won’t find anywhere else. Take a look at the feature list below and see for yourself!
  • Protection

    Your Information Protected at Every Level
    CJIS Solutions delivers robust protection at every turn. Hosted agencies can enjoy a 99.999% SPAM block rate practically stopping all non-legitimate Email. Quarantine reports to put you in control of what’s being blocked and allow users to delete/release held messages. Antivirus protection keeps your database clean. FIPS 140-2 Encrypted SSL’s connect your devices to our facilities securely. 2 Factor Authentication to Outlook Web Access locks down your users’ accounts.
  • Encryption

    Full Message Encryption with No Add-Ons
    CJIS Solutions includes FREE Email message encryption with all plans! Simply type a provided keyword in the subject line from your Outlook, web access, or portable device, and our system will encrypt the message going to your recipient. It’s that easy. Your recipient will receive a notification about your message which will ask them to perform a one-time registration. Once authenticated, they can view/reply the message you have sent them just as securely.


  • Large Mailboxes

    50gb Mailboxes means plenty of room for everything you do.

  • Email Message Encryption

    Every user can send an Encrypted message to their recipient easily by including a special keyword that the system recognizes.  No add ons or 3rd party integration – just a simple solution that works. Advanced Authentication and FIPS 140-2 encryption ensures your message is secure when it’s open.

  • Remote Device Wiping

    A remote device wipe not only deletes all synchronized information, such as email, calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks, it also deletes all information on any internal storage cards. In effect, it sets the device back to its factory settings. No user interaction is required on the device to complete the remote wipe.

  • Web Access

    No Device? No problem. Instantly access everything you do from a secure web console. Advanced authentication, 30 minute unattended logoff, and a FIPS 140-2 encrypted connection keeps you CJIS compliant the entire time.

  • Daily Database Backups

    CJIS Solutions provides nightly backups of your organization’s entire database.   Protecting your data is as important to us as it is to you!

  • Individual Agency Databases

    CJIS Solutions ensures your agency stays together.  Every agency has their own database and mailboxes are never distributed across other databases. This makes OPRA/FOIL, Internal Affairs, evidence and legal requests consistent and ensures CJIS Security Policy requirements.

  • Mobile Device Integration

    Easily and securely connect to your accounts through the Outlook App or adding your account to any Android, Windows, or iOS device.

  • Large Attachments

    Attachment size allowance up to 2gb!

  • Unlimited Groups and Contacts

    Add as many Distribution Groups and Mail Contacts as you would like.

  • Amazing SPAM Protection

    Clients can enjoy a 99.999% SPAM block rate with an Anti-SPAM System that’s customized for law enforcement use.  Quarantine reports delivered on a custom schedule puts your users in control of held mail so legitimate holds can be cleared efficiently.

  • Continuous Synchronization

    Automatic synchronization instantly copies all of your activity across your devices, Outlook, and Web Access to stay up to date without having to remember.

  • 24/7/365 Support

    System support that’s available when you need us.

  • CJIS Security Addendum

    Available for every staff member with physical and/or logical access to your data.

  • Management Control Agreement

    Contractual agreement required by the CJIS Security Policy that binds CJIS Solutions to coordinate account changes only with those you choose. Unauthorized persons are unable to make account changes if not on this document.

  • Agency Contract

    Individual agency contract that adds an additional layer of commitment between your agency and CJIS Solutions covering payment terms, CJIS Security Policy adherence, data access, and the IACP Guiding Principles on Cloud Computing.

  • Unlimited Archiving

    Additional mailbox database (per user) that stores mail based on your defined retention policies.  Unlimited storage gives you endless retention limits. (Optional Feature)


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