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CJIS Security Policy Version 5.8 Released!

The FBI CJIS Division has released the latest CJIS Security Policy which is now version 5.8.  Along with some insignificant administrative and language updates, there are several areas that agencies should give special attention. First, is the addition of section “Advanced Password Standards.”

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Is Your Data Backup Doing Enough for You?

Every day law enforcement agencies across the country either have no data backup in place, or are forced to use something less than adequate because “it’s what the town uses”. Law Enforcement is inherently a “special use case” scenario and rightfully so, must be handled differently than the rest of private and public sector.

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Saturday, September 08, 2018 23:06

CJIS Solutions, the country’s first CJIS compliant cloud hosting provider for law enforcement is excited to introduce CJIS Shred. CJIS Shred is the premier go-to answer to destroying data on portable devices or data storage media. Sections 5.8.3 and 5.8.4 of the CJIS Security Policy specifically instruct law enforcement agencies to destroy media or devices containing CJI or PII regulated by the CJIS policy. CJIS Shred physically shreds hard drives, cell phones, laptops, and tablets for the total destruction of data. Your data will be destroyed down to the size of pennies in seconds.

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“Advanced Authentication” Deciphered in the Computer Wizarding World

Written by Chf. Michael J. Coppola – President & Founder – CJIS Solutions

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Advanced Authentication is the requirement in which you must use “Something You Know” (think password here) and “Something You Have” (think something tangible) to access Criminal Justice Information from a computer or portable device like a laptop, phone, or tablet. 

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