Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your officers wear a bullet proof vest every day, why shouldn’t your data?

Data Backup should be second nature in today’s computing environment. Anywhere data resides, data backup should be there. CJIS Solutions offers data backup products that fit any budget, any amount of data, and any combination of environments.


Crypto-Locker/Ransomware viruses have not only held data ransom, but have also been the cause of Police Chief’s attracting unwanted attention because a proper backup solution either was not in place or didn’t work properly. Data Backup from CJIS Solutions protects your data by conducting file version backups. This means that ever changed portion of a file is backed up in series with previous backups. If a Crypto-Virus hits your agency on a Wednesday, just restore the prior backup that was clean and you’re back in business.


Unknown threats are issues you didn’t realize happened until it’s too late. For example, an officer who is subject to an Internal Affairs Investigation and changed reports. Someone accidentally deleted a file and didn’t realize it until it was gone. Data Backup from CJIS Solutions protects you from threats that you didn’t know happened until it was too late.


The #1 way to protect your agency’s data is OFF SITE DATA BACKUP. Data backup doesn’t do an agency much good if there is an on site loss. Broken water pipes, natural/manmade disasters, hardware failures are all reasons why data backup should be sent to an off site, remote location. CJIS Solutions software gives you the option of doing either or both so you can chose what’s best for your agency.


When most agency head’s contemplate the costs of data protection, the financial burden is the primary concern. However, there’s an even greater concern that most agency’s never even consider, maintaining the integrity of the evidenciary value of your data.

Imagine a smart lawyer discovers your agency was hit with a Crypto-Locker/Ransomware virus. 1 simple Discovery request and every piece of data, including your CAD/RMS Evidence Log as well as anything held as digital evidence is subject to a suppression hearing. Why you ask? Because no member of your agency can swear under oath as to the integrity of the data while it was encrypted. you cannot prove it was not altered nor can you prove they didn’t do anything else while it was encrypted. However, you can avoid this when you restore your data from our off site data backup instead of paying a high ransom and putting your cases at risk.

key compliance points

Consistent with all of our products, CJIS Solutions Data Backup is no exception. Data is encrypted at the time it’s processed before it even leaves your agency. It’s then transferred to our compliant cloud environment through an encrypted tunnel. Once your data is received, our servers then store your encrypted data onto our encrypted storage fabric. As always, CJIS Solutions ONLY uses FIPS 140-2 validated encryption modules.
Your data backup software only connects to our facility through a dedicated, FIPS 140-2 encrypted tunnel. However, when users need to access their data, 2 Factor Authentication is used to ensure that only authorized users are gaining permission to view and restore your files.
Separate Environments
Once our servers receive your encrypted files, they are stored in their own independent area separate from other agencies. At no time is your data accessible by unauthorized persons.

Law Enforcement Owned & Operated



    Designed with the Cop in Mind

    Not all agencies have an IT staff or want to pay someone every time a simple change is needed. CJIS Solutions data backup is designed to be simplistic enough that officers or staff with minimal tech knowledge can use it with ease.



    No Bandwidth Restrictions

    What most people don’t realize is that “unlimited” home backup plans limit your upload and download speeds. This might be okay for a home, but when you’ve lost law enforcement data, it could be days or weeks before you can retrieve it. CJIS Solutions doesn’t limit bandwidth. That means you’ll be able to download your important files with speed allowing you to recover quickly.



    Backup Files, Folders, Databases – Quickly and Securely

    Data Backup from CJIS Solutions lets you easily select individual files and databases or entire folders and drives. Open File Support allows you to back them up while in use as well. During backup, they’re compressed and encrypted before being sent to our CJIS compliant cloud for storage.



    Maximum Compression and Block Level Backups Saves you Space and Money

    CJIS Solutions Data Backup saves you money by not only compressing your files during the backup process, but also by only backing up the changed portions of the file. During compression, files are kept completely in tact but reduced in size until restored. By backing up just the changed portions of your files, backups are able to upload faster and save the amount of space used in the cloud.

    During a restore, your files are de-compressed and put together to make completely, restored, untouched files. This saves you money by reducing the amount of storage space needed for your backups.



    Even the Police need Help

    No matter how simple a product is, there’s just some times when you need a little help. CJIS Solutions’ knowledgeable staff are there when you need us. Most cases can be handled with a few steps. If things get difficult, our technicians and engineers will work the problem until its resolved, in some cases with you remotely. You’re never alone when it comes to CJIS Solutions.


Learn how you can be up and running in 15 minutes from a total loss!

Guaranteed 15 minute return to operation from a total failure!

CJIS Solutions also offers a more robust solution with the use of on-premise appliances that do the work for you.  Multiple-terabytes, bare metal or virtual environments, imaging, intricate scheduling, on-site backup with off-site replication all backed by the same CJIS compliant environment.


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