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CJIS Solutions provides antivirus, internet filtering, anti-spam, and anti-spyware that meets and exceeds the requirements in section of the CJIS Security Policy.

Everyone knows that every computer needs a good antivirus. Everyone also knows that ransomware encrypting your files will land your agency in the news just like any other incident your agency has to endure.  But what if you had a product that could nearly eliminate the potential for that bad exposure?  Or even better, the need to restore your entire network from one officer clicking a bad link or opening the wrong file?
Well now you can.  Malwarebytes with Endpoint Protection and Incident Response not only cleans your computer like the old versions were so popular for, but also prevents real time virus, ransom, malware, spyware, everything-ware attacks.  The new version also isolates your environment during an attack even more, allows you to ROLL BACK ENCRYPTED FILES up to 72 hours to a pre-encrypted state!  How’s that for dodging a bad news article and liability!

Look, if you searched online how to clear any virus or malware, the first thing any article, blog, website, post, or support person writes is “Download Malwarebytes and run a scan”.  So why not just protect yourself BEFORE the infection by using that same very product?

Still not convinced?

Look for yourself.  This link will show you in real time every device around the world that has an antivirus product in it that also downloaded MalwareBytes.  As you watch, you’ll see how MalwareBytes is being used to find infections that the “other guys” never found.  Like we always say, why buy a product that “compares itself” to the best when you can just HAVE the best?

Does the “other” product include this?

Automated Remediation

Malwarebytes Multi-Vector Protection (MVP) uses a seven layered approach, including both static and dynamic detection techniques, to protect against all stages of an attack.

Flight Recorder

Continuous monitoring and visibility into Windows desktops for powerful insights. Easily track file system activity, network activity, process activity, and registry activity.

Endpoint Isolation

Fast remediation prevents lateral movement. Malware is stopped from phoning home and remote attackers are locked-out. Safely keeps the system online for detailed analysis.


Ransomware Rollback

Every change made by a process is recorded. If a process does ‘bad’ things you can easily roll back those changes to restore files that were encrypted, deleted, or modified.

Automated Remediation:

Only Malwarebytes meticulously finds and reverses all major and subtle changes made by malware, returning your endpoint to its healthy, pre-attack state.

While traditional approaches focus on removing only the active executable, they ignore residual change that leads to re-infection or pesky PUPs and PUMs. You’re then left to reimage the device, or hope for the best.

Quite the opposite, the proprietary Malwarebytes Linking Engine tracks every artifact, change, and process alteration (including memory executables others miss). A true “one and done” solution, it then maps out the correct path to remove all malware permanently, including PUPs and PUMs.

Endpoint Isolation:

If an endpoint is attacked, now it’s easy to halt malware from spreading. Only Malwarebytes Detection and Response maximizes IT flexibility and minimizes end user inconveniences, drawing from three modes of device isolation:

Network isolation limits device communications, so attackers are locked out and malware can’t “phone home.”
Process isolation restricts which operations can run, halting malware while still allowing end users to work away.
Desktop isolation alerts the end user of the threat, temporarily blocks their access, yet keeps the device online for analysis.
With multiple modes of attack isolation, both security teams and end-users maximize their productivity even during attacks.

Ransomware Rollback:

Don’t pay ransom, ever. With one click, Malwarebytes incident responders reverse all damage by rolling back affected devices and files to a pre-attack state.

It’s possible because we make use of local cache on each endpoint, storing all relevant changes to the device for up to 72 hours. If you’re infected, Malwarebytes simply backs out device changes and restores files that were encrypted, deleted, or modified. And data storage space isn’t an issue, as our proprietary dynamic exclusion technology learns “good” behavior of applications and minimizes storage utilized.

The result is peace of mind knowing that ransomware won’t damage your bottom line, reputation, customer experience, or team productivity.

Protection, Detection and Response Layers

  • Web Protection

    Prevents access to command and control (C&C) servers and malicious websites.

  • Application Hardening

    Reduces the vulnerability surface, making the endpoints more resilient. Proactively detects fingerprinting attempts made by advanced exploit attacks.

  • Exploit Mitigation

    Proactively detects and blocks attempts to compromise application vulnerabilities and remotely execute code on the endpoint.

  • Application Behavior

    Ensures applications behave as intended, preventing them from being leveraged to infect endpoints.

  • Payload Analysis

    Identifies entire families of known malware by using a combination of heuristic and behavioral rules.

  • Anomoly Protection | Machine Learning

    Proactively identifies unknown viruses and malware based on anomalous features from known good files.

  • Ransomware Mitigation

    Detects and blocks ransomware from encrypting files using signature-less behavioral monitoring technology.

  • Linking Engine Mitigation

    Proprietary, signature-less remediation technology that identifies and thoroughly removes all threat artifacts associated with the primary threat payload.

  • Endpoint Detection & Response

    Visibility into endpoints for continuous behavioral analysis and forensics. Reduces the dwell-time of zero-day threats. Provides response options beyond alerts.

    Recorder Flight Recorder
    Lock Endpoint Isolation
    Clock Ransomware Rollback


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