Scalable Protection for Any Environment

The CJIS Solutions backup software is a great backup solution for any agency. Some environments are more complex and involve virtual environments, complex networking, or large volumes of data that needs protection. For cases like these, CJIS Solutions offers on-premise appliances that provide on premise backups with off-site replication as well as full disaster fail over solutions.

On-Site Backup / Off-Site Replication

Our appliances are rack mountable and come complete with hardware and are designed specific to your environment. Unlimited agent installs allows your appliance to pull the files from your servers and devices and perform the backups on the appliance. Unlike the data backup software which uses the device’s resources to perform the backup, the appliance pulls the information to it and then performs the work. This removes the workload from your operating machines.

Once the data backup is complete, it then sends a copy to our CJIS Compliant environment. This gives you the same copy in two locations protecting you beyond your walls.

Keep in mind, replication of live data does NOT protect you against add/delete/change/loss. Whatever occurs in one environment is replicated exactly to the second. Data backup with off site replication of the backed up data is TRUE protection every agency needs.

Agency Continuity & Failover

When using a data backup appliance, you’ll also have access to the remote appliance that receives the backed up data. Should your primary environment be lost, you can recover everything you’ve protected from the remote console.

For added protection, a more robust site-failover solution can be designed and implemented for your agency. Should any failure occur, your entire server environment would spin up and host in our facilities until you can be brought back online.

Key Features Every Administrator Needs

Secure and Compliant

FIPS 140-2 Encryption used at time of backup, in transit, and in our CJIS compliant cloud storage.


Whether you’re backing up 1TB or 100TB, our Disaster Recovery Solution is the answer. Scalability means you’ll never need to replace, just grow.


As with all of our products, you’re backup is only a call or ticket away. 24x7x365 knowledgeable support at the ready for you.

Custom Design

When dealing with this kind of protection, “cookie cutter” options wont cut it. Your solution is designed specifically for your environment’s needs.

Continuity & Failover

When things really go wrong our complete failover solution will run your down environment from our CJIS compliant cloud. When things return to normal, we recover you back to normal operations. A total protection solution.

Total Protection

Hardware, Virtual, Files, Folders, Databases, protect it all. Even if your appliance is lost, we have you protected in our CJIS compliant cloud.

Learn About our Capital Projects Program!

A program designed to protect your data AND operational budget!

The Capital Projects Program from CJIS Solutions give your agency the ability to purchase a data protection hardware appliance under a Capital improvement/budget and have FIVE YEARS data protection included, without recurring fees.


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