100% Compliant Data destruction

Physical hard drive and portable device shredding for total data destruction.

CJIS Shred is law enforcement’s premier option for destroying hard drives and laptops. The CJIS Security Policy sections 5.8.3 and 5.8.4 specifically requires law enforcement agencies to destroy media that has contained CJI/PII covered under the CJIS Security Policy. Until now, agencies would need to come up with creative ways to destroy the media themselves or, contract an outside vendor and physically watch them destroy the data.

CJIS Solutions, the premier CJIS compliant cloud hosting provider for law enforcement in the United States, will pick the drives up from your agency and then destroy them without jeopardizing your responsibility for CJIS compliance.

Complete Compliance

More secure than the others

All hard drive shredding is technically CJIS compliant, however, CJIS compliance also applies to the personnel who conduct the shredding. By choosing CJIS Solutions, your agency will have comfort knowing that all personnel who handle your drives from start to finish are already vetted for compliance with the CJIS Security Policy. We don’t stop there, we’ve added the option for you to receive a copy of the video documenting the entire destruction process for your audit files!

PC’s, Laptops, Servers and More!

Give Us The Whole System To Destroy

Whether your hard drives are SSD, older large spindle drives, from PCs, servers or wherever, we can shred it. Simply remove the hard drive, even if you include the tray and we’ll handle the rest. End of life on your laptop? No problem, we’ll shred the entire laptop! That includes tablets, cell phones, anything with data.

Delivery Options

Pick-Up or shipping

CJIS Solutions’ staff can either pick your drives up from your agency (Limitations apply) or arrange for pre-paid shipping.  All you have to do is box and ship!  We’ll handle the rest!

Great Pricing

volume discounts available

Pricing ranges from as little as 1 drive or device to data center loads, we can handle it all. AS we have with all of our products, our structured pricing is designed to be budget conscious. Please contact us today for a fast response on how much we can save your agency!


Documented every step of the way

Complete inventory and tracking from receipt of package until destruction has been completed.

Optional video of destruction and notarized report copies for added documentation.

Certified Documentation of Destruction for records that complies with NIST 800-88


855-955-CJIS (2547)

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