Securely access your agency’s data from anywhere using any mobile device – without a VPN.

Law Share offers multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely: Web access, Desktop Sync, Virtual Drive, Mobile Apps, WebDAV and more.

Secure folder sync for Windows, Linux and Mac

The Law Share Sync App is an advanced sync software that can run on Windows, Mac or Linux and securely synchronizes data across different operating systems. Law Share’s file sync seamlessly synchronizes data in a designated folder on your computer with the Law Share server. In addition, all the files under the specific folder on your local desktop is available for access via Law Share mobile apps, tablets and the web interface.

Manage Conflicts

If two people change the same file at the same time, Law Share Sync app won’t overwrite the changes. Instead, it will save the original file as well as a second version. The second version will have “Conflict_,” tag with username and time details. By creating a conflicted file, Law Share Sync app ensures that all changes are preserved and nobody will overwrite another person’s work.

Seamless Collaboration

Invite your team members and share a folder. Now, the whole team can add and edit files in that folder. All changes made are instantly synced across your team members for seamless collaboration. Your agency’s members can be spread across the US, but Law Share Sync will make it seem like all your members are in a room collaborating.

Network Folder Offline Access

Law Share Sync’s powerful feature enables Network Folder available for offline access. The user can not only add/edit files from anywhere but also holds the control of setting the sync frequency between the copy of the Network Folder on the desktop with the folder on the LAN.

Advanced Sync

Law Share Sync is built with features that would support complex use cases.

Selective Folder Sync

You can selectively choose folders that you want synced between the Law Share server and your computer. This feature helps conserve space on your computer and limits the sync process to important folders.

Shared Folder Sync

Law Share Sync not only syncs your Law Share folders & files but also folders that are shared by other users with you. The sync of shared folder is key to enabled team collaboration.

Quick Edit Documents

Law Share Quick Edit Document feature uses Law Share Sync to enable edit of documents over the web interface. Users can open document they would like to edit via the Web UI, edit using a local editor and let Law Share Sync App take care of the rest with respect to uploading the changes to the Law Share server.


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