Antivirus & Internet Filtering Keeps You Compliant and Protected

CJIS Solutions provides antivirus, internet filtering, anti-spam, and anti-spyware that meets and exceeds the requirements in section of the CJIS Security Policy.

Online security threats are serious. Viruses, malware and spam can sneak in and cripple your agency.  Our AVG Cloud Care Edition reduces the chances of that happening by protecting your agency’s servers, laptops, PCs, network, file server and email against the latest online threats.  More powerful than ever, our latest edition works even harder and smarter for you. It comes with an accelerated scanning engine that reduces the time needed to detect threats.

Internet Filtering puts you in complete control of your agency’s internet access.  Restrict access to websites, monitor internet browsing activity, and comprehensive reports tells you exactly what your members are doing.

If You have it We’ll Protect It!

Laptops – PC’s – Servers – Windows – Mac – On the Road or In Headquarters – We’ll have you covered.