Meeting Agency Budget Demands

Every agency, no matter what the size, faces budget challenges time and time again. Your data is your agency’s most critical asset, next to the safety of your officers. Don’t let your budget sacrifice the safety of either. The new Capital Projects Program from CJIS Solutions allows you to purchase data protection hardware under your Capital budget and have no recurring costs taxing your operational budget. This allows you to protect your data and your operational budget at the same time.

Cost Determination

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery appliances are customized for every agency's needs. Not only for the amount of data being protected but also the resources needed to virtualize your environment in the case of a failure. Our sales and technical engineers will work with you and your agency to design a data protection appliance that meets the demands of your department so you can stay up and running during a data loss or failure.

How the Program Works

Normally, an appliance is invoiced as one item and the data backup protection is invoiced separately, usually on an annual basis. However, under the Capital Projects Program, all of the costs are rolled into the hardware cost leaving you no recurring fees.

Your data protection appliance comes included with enough data backup protection for as many years as needed to meet your Capital Project requirements. After that time is reached, the cycle is refreshed with a new appliance designed for your most current needs. Data protection overages that may occur during that period can be invoiced to meet your budgetary needs.