About CJIS Solutions

CJIS compliance and quality service to law enforcement isn’t another product in a portfolio because law enforcement is our ONLY portfolio.

CJIS Solutions was the first CJIS Compliant cloud hosting company in the United States providing every day technologies to law enforcement. It was designed from inception around the CJIS Security Policy as the primary focus. From the keyboard in the car to the keyboard in the data center, CJIS Solutions has prided itself on serving law enforcement and mastering the CJIS Security Policy being as our one and only mission.

Culture Centric

CJIS Solutions is owned and operated by law enforcement so you’ll be hosted by those who know what it’s like to need an NCIC return at 2am when you’re 10 mins from the nearest backup. By those who know what it’s like when the dispatcher doesn’t know cross streets because the CAD is down. And by those who know what it’s like to stretch a dollar because even though we all get it, the borough or city just doesn’t have the money to help you.

Experience Matters

We are 110% committed to not only the technology side, but also officer safety and agency efficiency and reliability. That isn’t something that any potential competitor can do from experience.

By choosing CJIS Solutions, you’ll gain a vast wealth of resources that not only have the technology experience, but also experience as a CJIS Security Policy user, administrator, instructor, and various CJIS positions such as TAC and Assistant TAC.

Top in class technology experts manage a scalable, robust cloud environment to ensure that your operations are free of problems before they occur. Fingerprinted, trained in the CJIS Policy and fully background checked, members of the CJIS Solutions Support Group are law enforcement focused, US based, and able to communicate with your staff efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose CJIS Solutions?

U.S. Based Humans

Everyone is located right here in the United States and no virtual escorting from outside the U.S. is involved in any way.

Experience Matters

Top in Class technology staff that is law enforcement focused.

Always Here for You

Round the clock sales and support so ask us what you want, when you want!

LEO Owned and Operated

A Law Enforcement owned and operated company that puts the police first.

First to Market

CJIS Solutions was created in 2012 before anyone even thought of hosting law enforcement in the cloud. You can count on us to stay ahead of the curve!

In IT Together

We’re here to help your IT staff, not replace them. We work cohesively with your in place IT personnel.


855-955-CJIS (2547)

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