Cloud Hosted Car & Body Camera Video Storage

Agencies are again being propelled into a subject area that will undoubtedly effect their budgets.  Car and body cameras are expensive projects.  Not only are the cameras themselves expensive, but also installation and maintenance takes a toll as well.  Then there’s the server environment needed to download and manage the videos and then throw in the storage.  With high resolution systems, a simple 1 year retention policy can cost significant amounts of money to purchase, maintain and then back up.   That doesn’t include videos you have to store as part of case files either.


Expandable, encrypted storage by CJIS Solutions is the low cost solution you need to store your large amounts of car and body camera videos.  With a variety of options, we can host just your data or the management server needed to upload or play your videos as well.

For LOW storage rates, you’ll benefit from:

  • High Availability up time
  • Certified Tier-3 Up Time, secure facilities, stored in our exclusive CJIS compliant environment.
  • Data encrypted at rest on expandable storage
  • Fully redundant storage systems
  • UNMETERED BANDWIDTH (Pay just for the speed, not the amount transferred)
  • Redundant connectivity
  • Point to point secure connectivity between your connections and ours
  • Much, Much more.

Contact us today for more information and breath easy, we have you covered.   We should know, we’ve been there already ourselves!