CJIS Solutions Goes Live!

CJIS Solutions, the premier provider of CJIS Compliant email, data backup, and cloud environments, is now live and accepting law enforcement agencies.  The whole world is captivated by the “cloud” however until now, law enforcement agencies never had the ability to leverage the technology and meet CJIS compliance.  Now, CJIS Solutions bridges that gap giving law enforcement agencies a chance to move out of their in-house environments and into the cloud.

Data Backup & System Failover

In order to provide law enforcement agencies with simple, reliable, and secure data backups, CJIS Solutions has partnered with Unitrends.  Unitrends is able to meet the flexible demands of today’s law enforcement agency by using on site appliances to deliver dynamic data backup technology and then off-site replication and storage.  Together, not only are we able to meet any data backup need, but also include emergency system failover for all of the systems on the network at no extra charge.  No one in the market is able to provide one all inclusive solution, meet CJIS compliance, and lower your budgetary operating costs.

E-Mail Solutions

All law enforcement agencies are well aware of the CJIS regulations covering the use of criminal justice information.  But every day this is violated when officers send emails containing that same protected data in an unprotected email.  Until now, the only way to properly conduct email was to go through the expensive process of owning your own email server.  This included expensive investments in servers, operating system licenses, network security, email server software, antivirus/spyware software, and then recurring maintenance costs.

But now you can avoid those costs with CJIS Solutions.  Our hosted email exchange gives agencies all of the benefits of an email server but hosted in our cloud and at a fraction of what your own system would cost.  With additional encryption options, you can completely isolate your emails from unauthorized access as well.  Long term retention policies are customized to meet every agency’s needs.


If you don’t have your own technology division, most agencies will fall within one of three areas.  First there’s the agency that relies completely on their technical support provider.  Sometimes this is good but can also have negative implications as well.  Second, you provide your own technology but rely on the in-house “go to guy” to manage things.  Between him and Google, you’re able to keep your system running.  Or third, there’s no technology approach at all.  CJIS Solutions however, is owned and operated by law enforcement executives.  You’ll be partnering with members who have experience as users, administrators, policy makers and technology experts.  This is an advantage that only we have giving law enforcement agencies with the knowledge they need and the trust they deserve.

With budgets tightening, and technology demands expanding, CJIS Solutions will help you meet your needs and reduce your cost of ownership.  For more information email us at [email protected] to find out more information.  Trial accounts available upon request.