Is Your Data Backup Doing Enough for You?

Every day law enforcement agencies across the country either have no data backup in place, or are forced to use something less than adequate because “it’s what the town uses”. Law Enforcement is inherently a “special use case” scenario and rightfully so, must be handled differently than the rest of private and public sector. No one touches Healthcare without freaking out about “HIPPA”. When dealing with law enforcement, no one should be going near it without freaking out about the CJIS Security Policy. That goes for the town also.

At the most basic level, data protection options made available by CJIS Solutions checks the box for everything required by the CJIS Security policy such as 2 factor authentication built in, FIPS 140-2 encryption, retention policies, and even end of life data destruction, but adds multiple layers of safety and reliability needed by law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Sure, we do file, folder, database. But we also do on site data protection with off site replication, hardware images, virtual server images, multiple backup jobs with variable retention policies, 15 minute return to operation for failed hardware, insane compression and data deduplication, 2 factor authentication required browse and restores, FIPS 140-2 encryption and so much more.

Still not convinced? Our products also detect “anomalies” often caused by ransomware. We can run a failed server on our data backup appliances OR in our cloud environment and never lose CJIS compliance. Anyone who has ever had a CAD/RMS go down while waiting for a server to be repaired won’t have to sweat anymore, we’ll keep you running until the loss is repaired.

Worried about annual recurring costs? With our Capital Projects Program the data protection appliance includes 5 years of on site protection, off site replication, updates, unlimited endpoint installations, and 24x7x365 support with it!

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