Announcing Law Share – CJIS Compliant File Sharing Option for Law Enforcement & Prosecutors

It’s Finally Here!

CJIS Solutions, the country’s first CJIS compliant cloud hosting provider for law enforcement agencies and vendors, has introduced Law Share – CJIS Compliant File Sharing.  Law Share brings feature rich capabilities to law enforcement agencies who have an overwhelming need to manage their files and documents.  Every day, agencies are overwhelmed with public record and legal discovery requests.  Strict requirements mandate that police departments respond to these requests in very short time frames.  Law Share File Sharing solves those dilemmas easily, and at budget friendly prices agencies can afford.  Meeting all areas of the CJIS Security Policy, Law Share is hosted securely in the CJIS Solutions’ cloud environment, logically and physically inaccessible by unauthorized persons.


For Law Enforcement Agencies

For years law enforcement agencies have been under heavy demand to deliver case files to attorneys and public requests quickly.  They also have an inherent need to expeditiously share documents and files with other law enforcement agencies for investigation and case work.

Law Share from CJIS Solutions answers all the problems and more.  Made COP SIMPLE, Law Share allows a law enforcement agency to simply drag and drop their files and sync them with others they authorize.  When managing requests, personnel can simply send downloadable links to the recipient without the need for DVD’s, copying, scanning, or any other tedious leg work of the past.

For Prosecuting Attorney Offices

Tasked with the case management for serious or indictable crimes, prosecuting attorney offices are under time constraints when it comes to processing their cases.  Obtaining files from the police departments they represent is a daunting task. Every police department has different ways they process their files adding delay and complexity to the process.

Using Law Share from CJIS Solutions allows police departments to simply share the cases from the station directly to the attorney managing them.  Fast, secure, and easy transfers move the cases from the arresting officer to the prosecuting attorney and keeping CJIS compliance the entire way.

Perfect for Discovery and OPRA/FOIL Requests
Perfect for Sharing Evidence & Documents Between Agencies

Here are just some of the ways that Law Share will revolutionize how you do business:

  • Upload documents from the field with included mobile apps
  • Use Law Share as an actual drive on your computer without having to store the actual file locally
  • Create download-only links you can share for public record and discovery requests
  • Create temporary folders to receive documents from the public if needed
  • Could easily be a file server for agencies with limited infrastructure
  • Antivirus scans of files
  • Ransomware protection
  • Data Backup of the files included
  • Unlimited file versioning included
  • File locks prevents files from being edited
  • Web editing of documents
  • Extensive user access controls for administrators
  • Detailed audit capabilities track everything for you
  • Active Directory Integration
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Mobile protection with remote wipe and file deletion
  • Flexible plans that are budget friendly

FIPS 140-2 Encryption and 2 Factor Authentication keeps your safe and compliant!

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