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Cloud Storage from CJIS Solutions is your agency’s answer to the technology growth dilemma facing law enforcement today. Documents, images, evidence, body & car camera videos, all consuming your on premise IT environment & budget.

Years ago, many of us remember the filing cabinet problem.  More requirements = more paper.  More paper and files = more cabinets.  More cabinets = more room.  Today, the problem persists except in digital form.  On top of that, law enforcement scrutiny, accountability, and need for more documentation is demanding like never before.
Infinitely scale your storage capabilities in our CJIS Compliant Cloud and never worry about running out of room. Redundancy at every steps keeps your data safe and always available to you.
Secure and Compliant
CJIS Compliant Cloud Storage from CJIS Solutions will save you the headaches of trying to do it alone.  Imagine having a file room that doesn’t have walls and you can fill with filing cabinets forever.  When you scale to our storage fabric, you’ll have that same luxury with your data while doing it securely.
Optional file level backups created on your schedule adds a layer of security to your data protection.  Encrypted tunnels between organizations ensures the data is safe in transit.  Integrate with your active directory to ensure the same local permissions are passed to the hosted environment.
Cost Effective – No Transfer Fees
With CJIS Solutions Cloud Storage, you pay for what you use and there’s never hidden fees.  We do NOT charge for bandwidth transfer which means that there is never an extra fee to upload or download your data!  EVER!  You’ll be able to budget exactly for what you need and never be surprised.

Some Compliance Points To Get You Started

Should access to your data be needed outside your defined “secured environment” then 2 Factor Authentication is implemented and required for users.

All data in transit and at rest is encrypted using approved/validated FIPS 140-2 methods.  VPN, IPSec, via hardware and/or software vehicles are used to join the client agency and the CJIS Solutions Cloud to ensure maximum security.

Only top level enterprise equipment is used to protect your data from the outside threats. Firewall, network separation, intrusion prevention, antivirus, and other techniques are used to ensure that this policy section is addressed and secured.

Your storage environment is it’s own and never shared with anyone else so the ability for cross-contamination of any kind is eliminated.

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