CJIS Compliant Cloud Computing
That Keeps You a Step Ahead!

Cloud Computing from CJIS Solutions has helped agencies revolutionize their IT experience and budget. Whether servers are for Car/Body cameras, file serving, CAD/RMS, or Remote Desktop, our customized solutions are built to meet your exact needs.

Cloud Computing from CJIS Solutions is built from the ground up around the CJIS Security Policy to ensure your agency operates on a scalable, safe, and secure environment.


As you already know, the CJIS Security Policy is an unforgiving document with strict standards. As technology develops, changes must be made CJIS Security Policy to address the trends. Things like firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, Antivirus, regular patches and updates, encryption, and even replacing end of life operating systems are all expensive and time consuming measures that will violate the policy if overlooked.

CJIS Solutions’ staff is consistently ensuring that the cloud computing architecture and safety is up to date in real-time against current technology trends and threats before the CJIS Policy has time to catch up. Only the latest in cutting edge technology, firmware, updates and hardware are used.


Agencies today have more demands than ever before. More powerful software requires more powerful servers. Better quality photos, videos and documentation requires more and more space. Being able to meet these needs while staying in your own Headquarters is not as cheap as it may have been. You need a provider who has been there and still there, on the road and in headquarters with the same concerns.

CJIS Solutions has a rapidly scalable cloud computing architecture that can meet your needs. The latest processors, 10GbE backplanes, and even SSD storage for your operating systems gives you speed and reliability like never before.

With NO DATA TRANSFER FEES and low, competitive processing fees, you’ll find it hard to compare. One to a Hundred Servers, One gigabyte or One Petabyte, CJIS Solutions can meet the demand and beyond.


CJIS Solutions offers a wide range of products that can compliment your cloud computing environment. 2 Factor Authentication, data backup, antivirus, remote monitoring and management, VPN, the list goes on. Everything you need from a single provider, and all CJIS compliant. Why look anywhere else!?


Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) – Monitor, Proactively heal and patch, Alarm, and Response solution that lets you manage your entire environment from one place.

Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware

Integrated with our Remote Monitoring and Management platform, you have the option of installing enterprise anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Un-Metered Bandwidth

10 megabits of bandwidth is included and there is NEVER a charge for how much data you move up, or down!

10GbE Backplane

Enjoy lightening fast speeds between environments or your files. With 10GbE backplane, there’s nothing slowing you down.

Consulting Services

CJIS Compliance needs to be complete so we make ourselves a partner in your success. We don’t just host, we help. You can count on us to make sure your design is perfect.

Secure Administrator Access

2 Factor Authentication access for your system administrators via an Out-Of-Band VPN network.

Daily Server Images

Daily images of your hosted servers to keep your deployments protected.

IPSec Tunneling

Need a static secure connection for your agency or vendor? FIPS 140-2 IPSec tunneling included upon request.

Dedicate Concierge

A dedicated client relationship manager that’s like having your own concierge. Everything you need just a call, E-Mail, or even text away!

Complete CJIS Administration

CJIS Security Addendums, Management Control Agreement, and an Contract binding CJIS Solutions to the CJIS Security Policy and the IACP Guiding Principles on Cloud Computing.

Need More?

Add-On Options That Enhance Your Experience.

Data Backup Schedules

Need more than our daily images? Multi-Hour images, file/folder or database backups compliment your backup plan.

2-Factor Authentication

2 Factor authentication for all of your users that can be used alone or integrated with A/D, RADIUS, SAML.

Secure Tunnel Appliances

Pre-Configured plug-and-play security appliances that can help agencies secure directly to their cloud environment.

Scalable Un-Metered Bandwidth

Need more than 10 megabits? Scale all the way to a Gigabit of UNMETERED bandwidth for low, tiered fees.

Operating Systems

Windows, Red-Hat, CentOS, Fedora, Linux, all available to meet your needs.

Scalable Storage

Infinitely scale storage directly connected to your environment.

Managed Services

Can’t handle it all by yourself? We can help. Our knowledgeable staff can help you manage your environment with you.

Have Questions?

Need something you don’t see? Just ask, we handle custom projects all the time.

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