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Help Vendors Deliver Quality Compliant Products to Law Enforcement

CJIS Solutions provides expert law enforcement consulting services to vendors looking to make their product CJIS compliant. In theory, consulting services are not something that many law enforcement agencies need. Most, if not all, law enforcement agencies already have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the CJIS Security Policy. However, for vendors looking to provide services to the law enforcement community may not be as fortunate. The details of the policy compounded by the complexity of law enforcement itself make it challenging for vendors to deliver a product with complete compliance.

CJIS Solutions can guide you from the beginning so you can avoid the need to reverse engineer your product just to meet compliance. Many companies design a quality product that may be perfectly fine for public use however lack certain requirements needed to meet CJIS compliance. This causes time and money to correct and could be avoided with proper guidance.

Strict and Specific

The CJIS Security Policy is strict, specific, and unforgiving. Violating it can not only cost you business but negligence can be considered criminal in certain circumstances. Agencies are bound to the policy and are audited regularly. Vendors who attempt to sell products to law enforcement, or who sell products to law enforcement and have holes in their compliance are on a course for disaster.

Experience Matters

CJIS Solutions’ staff are not just tech guys, they’re also members of law enforcement. Your products are your lifeblood and their success should be attributed to someone who won’t set you up to fail. You can rely on CJIS Solutions to be direct, up front, and tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. With our vast technological background and extensive law enforcement experience, no one else will be able to bring you the service we can provide.

Members of the CJIS Solutions staff not only operate the cloud environments but we also use the policy. We have experience from the keyboard in the data center all the way to the keyboard in the patrol car. As a user, administrator, instructor, policy maker, and disciplinarian, no one will bring you closer to law enforcement’s culture than CJIS Solutions.

Cost Effective

Vendors have enough on their plate when financing new products or investing in their re-design. Law Enforcement Consulting Services from CJIS Solutions are sensitive to your prior commitments and offer various options to make sure your budget is within expectations.


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